Written by Jay Laude

When starting a business, you’ll need a lot of things.

And sure. You can read about the lives of other people, research stories, and watch videos all you want, but nothing can beat having a personal and intimate relationship with the right mentor and the right time that will help you create your business name, logo, website, marketing plans, business plans, and one-on-one entrepreneur mentorship.

Start a new chapter of your life with Starr University. Being an entrepreneur for 19 years and counting, Starr Cooper has seen it all. But more than that, she lived the life you are living through right now. Learning to push forward through challenging circumstances, Starr beat the odds and used all the trials of her life to give herself a boost to pursue her dreams. 

No silver spoon can shield you from the challenges of life. Life always happens, but you gotta stop playing victim and start taking ownership of your life today. This huge step can be daunting, but having a mentor who is willing to guide you step by step, passionate to share her stories and remind you to follow your dreams no matter the obstacles is willing to be a key to your success. 

But don’t take our word for it. Here are stories from some of Starr’s partners who trusted the system and reaped the rewards:

Starr gives me inspiration:

“Someone with what she went through, she beat the odds. When I saw her, she gives me the boost to go through what I’m going through. If she can make it, I can make it.” 

Starr’s experienced mentorship saves me time:

“When you have the right mentor and right coach, they save you time. When I first met her, I was working with someone else, but I went with her instead because she gave me advice to guide me to take the steps I need to take because I was starting someone I never had before in my life. 

Starr helps me get past my excuses to start my dream:

“I want to build together with my husband. I want you to know the ins and outs of the business. She motivated me to see you don’t have to wait. The world tells us the husband will have so much money so I can start anything. Starr told me, “No excuses, you find money for what is important to you. If this is the business you want to do, you need to stop with excuses for when I have enough, the time is now.” 

Starr’s mentorship helps me give my kids the life they deserve:

“Give my children the life they deserve, and the life I want to live. The freedom to travel around the world and enjoy together.” 

Starr’s guidance is genuine and trustworthy:

“But people don’t tell you that you need a coach. She gives you trustworthy advice. You see glamour on social media. I love her because she tells you the truth. You don’t have to love or like me.” 

Starr guides you step-by-step to always make the right next move:

“She wants to help women, black women to know their worth and to know that whatever they want to do, they can do it. They don’t need a man. You can be born with nothing and earn something. I started with almost nothing. She shares her story, I can do it, you can do it. But put in the work. She guides you step-by-step via coaching calls.”

So if you are interested to know the ins and outs of the  business, business name, logo, website, marketing plans, business plans, and one-on-one entrepreneur mentorship and start living a better life, book a call today. Starr University is your partner in bringing your ideas to reality. Do not waste any moment. The time is now.

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