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    Wholesale & Dropshipping



    How Does Drop Shipping Work

    • First Register for the drop shipping services
    • Second Your customer orders the hair from you and then you order the hair from us.​.
    • You then send us your customers order and Shipping Address 
    • We then ship the hair under your company name and then inform you of the 
    • tracking number. Its that easy! 

      Benefits of Dropshipping 

      • No need to invest in a large stock of bundles
      • Minimize risk and cost 
      • Run your business from anywhere
      • We take care of the hassle of stocking large amounts of Bundles 


      Why Choose Dropshipping

      By choosing to drop ship raw hair you are putting yourself in a better position. You will not need to stock inventory which will save you at least $5,000. This will allow you to focus on other things that are more important like growing your brand. When you use our drop ship program the hair is prepared for your customers so there is no need for you to worry. All bundles are washed and checked for lice before shipped.



      Sign up for Raw hair dropshipping for a low monthly rate of $34.99 this will give you access to raw hair at wholesale prices without having to purchase a large stock of bundles

      Click here to sign up for our drop ship program or find out more about 

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      “Let us do the hard work for you"




      In letting Only Raw Hair be your vendor, it gives you the benefit of a 100% hassle free experience in being a wholesaler. We will take over the strenuous task of communicating with vendors, checking the wefts, check hair for lice, and deal with any other problems that could occur with the hair. We have customers all over the globe. Some wholesale customers are in London, Germany, Los Angeles and Atlanta.


      What is the minimum purchase to qualify for wholesale? 

      You must purchase 15 bundles at one time.