Learn the 3 things you should never do when starting your hair company

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    Starr University aims to help women become better business women. Becoming better in business is not just by learning the fundamentals of business and other things that you can learn in any business school.

    Becoming a better business owner is also by learning from others’ experiences too.

    That is why I have formed a private Facebook Group for businesswomen who are starting a hair company and want to grow as business women. We want businesswomen to help each other by sharing what they know about running a hair company. And most of all, we want everyone in our group to be close to each other and become friends. We want all of our members to know that they have someone who got their back in the hair business industry.

    Friendship and personal experience-based advice are not the only things this group can offer. Starr Ango, the owner of Starr University herself, will conduct Q & A’s every month. There will also be a quarterly Q & A’s where business women can ask questions to business experts like accountants, lawyers, and more. Group members will also be given worksheets and tips and tricks that they can use in their businesses. With this Facebook Group, members can gain not only the things that they need for their hair company but also friends that can support them.

    Facebook Group Features

    - Quartley Expert Q & A's with lawyers, credit specialist , accounting ect

    - Business Worksheets to apply to your business now

    - Buisness Tips and tricks to help you grow your buisness

    -And More