Written by Jay Laude

The pandemic shook up the business world like we’ve never seen before. Big business lost, and are continuing to lose millions of dollars everyday. But during all of these market movements, a silver lining has emerged. The current economic downturn provided an opportunity for new start-ups to emerge and capitalize on the changes caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

And it isn’t as surprising as we made it to be. Entrepreneurship and starting a company stems from having a great idea at the moment of time you’re living in. But this current boom in entrepreneurship also opened a new breed of scams and ways to take advantage of small business owners.

We need to acknowledge the fact that these new entrepreneurs are really vulnerable to these. The pressure of making their new business work weighs on them, since most of these entrepreneurs gambled their life savings to purchase products to sell or service to market.

Especially hair extensions business owners. These women are out there selling their products and researching on their own and because they do not have the same business skills as others in the market, they are almost always taken advantage of.

“I received hundreds of emails from girls disappointed after they bought horrible vendor lists. With Vendor-In-A-Box, you no longer have to work with these vendors alone.”

This is Starr’s promise. She created Vendor-In-A-Box, a business subscription that will give a big boost to all hair extensions entrepreneurs. Let’s take a look at what this revolutionary program has to offer.

Get Access to Group Buying Power. Never overpay for hair again and get the best price. You’ll also learn to create your own killer business strategy and meet like-minded women through monthly coaching calls.

Most importantly, you’ll be getting your hands into a Vendor List that you can use to contact reliable suppliers and buy at the best price. And when you are ready to check out, up to 40% discount on shipping is waiting for you.

Not checking out because you don’t have the money? Vendor-In-A-Box members have Buy Now, Pay Later available to them. Never use your own money to buy inventory again when you purchase wholesale from Starr.

And the icing on the cake? Discount on Starr’s products. All Vendor-In-A-Box members receive up to 50% off discounts on Starr’s webinars, courses, and eBooks.

If this is not the ultimate starter pack for hair entrepreneurs to get started on building their own business empires, I don’t what will. To know more about this great program, check out the VNB page right [here] or message us through our socials @starruniversity.

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